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Our social ambassador to the world
Our Chapter and State Queen,
Joan Robinson

Our Queen

Each Chapter of the National Smooth Dancers elects a Queen, who serves as her Chapter's ambassador to the other chapters. This sisterhood of women who are and have been a queen offers an extended opportunity for joy and friendship.

The tradition of the queens ties the eight chapters together and endeavors to encourage NSD to function as a single unit and foster friendships across the entire organization.

Each queen holds an honorary position in her chapter. She visits each of the other chapters at least once during the year. All the queens and those who have been queens are invited to a special gathering at the annual convention, where they enjoy an occasion of camaraderie, entertainment and festivity.

The organization also has a State Queen. The chapter that hosts the annual National Smooth Dancers Convention chooses one of its members to be State Queen, as a special honor for her.

Those who have been Queen for:

   The San Fernando Valley Chapter
   The NSD Organization (State Queens)